Changes at Goosefoot!

Representatives from four local non-profits will be joining the Goosefoot board of directors as we formalize our community grant program. Each group is appointing two members to our board and they will begin serving
in September.

While these independent, non-profit organizations will receive some funding from Goosefoot, nothing will change in how they govern themselves, accomplish their work, or fundraise. We look forward to the experience and knowledge they will bring to the table as we work together to support South Whidbey!

Current Board of Directors

Leigh Bloom
Kevin Engstrom, President
Mark Gappa
Bob Gentz, Secretary/Treasurer
Emi Gunn
Betsy Hofius
Patty Imes
Candace Jordan
Janice O'Mahony
Nadine Zackrisson, Vice-President

Goosefoot Staff

Fredde Butterworth, Facilities Manager
Marian Myszkowski, Program Director
Lauren Tyner, Special Events & Office Manager
Sandra Whiting, Executive Director